Christine Palmer

Born in Derbyshire in 1945, worked at Rolls-Royce then escaped to Canada and America at 17.   Pretending she was in her early twenties she obtained a job as a secretary for a stockbroker with offices in Montreal and New York, and experienced the swinging sixties State Side. Returns two years later to finish her education, obtain her degree, and get married. Married for sixteen years and having had three children, she escapes yet again to start working for the BBC in local radio, eventually moving to television where she begins makes documentaries, which take her around the world. 20 years later becomes Head of Production for the BBC Open University, and finally a Creative Director for the BBC. Takes early retirement with her second husband and moves to France, to run a bed and breakfast, tea room and art gallery. She and her husband regularly return to London and their boat on the Thames, bringing with them their two Bearded Collies, Custard and Crumble, and assorted grand-children.