Published: Eye Books (October 2019)

ISBN: 9781785631443

Tips from a Publisher

Scott Pack


An essential handbook for writers

From a handy introduction to how the publishing world works, and how authors fit into it, to practical tips on writing your book, strategies for editing and re-writing, and an indispensable guide to creating the perfect submission, Tips from a Publisher is crammed full of common-sense advice that no aspiring writer should be without.

Scott Pack was head of buying for the Waterstones book chain before spending several years as a publisher at HarperCollins, acquiring and editing numerous bestsellers and award-winning books. He is now a freelance editor and university lecturer, and hosts many writing workshops and classes.






‘I had the pleasure of working with Scott at HarperCollins and I learned a huge amount from him. As well as a deep understanding of the business of publishing books, he is also forward-thinking and knows exactly how latest innovations can impact his work effectively. Scott brings a hell of a lot to the party.’

Sam Missingham, founder, Lounge Marketing

‘Scott is the rarest of one-two punches, having a wonderful understanding of both the creative and business sides of the publishing industry. If I could you one bit of advice, it’d be to shut up and listen to everything he has to say. If I could give you two bits of advice, it’d be that plus people getting punched in the groin is never not funny.’

Caimh McDonnell, author of A Man With One of Those Faces

‘Scott has championed me from the very start of my self-published writing career. In 2011 he quoted that I was as good if not better than any traditionally published romcom author. As I sit at #1 in the Kindle bestselling chart, I guess he knows what he’s talking about.’

Nicola May, author of The Corner Shop in Cockleberry Bay

‘Few people in the publishing world can claim to have such wide and varied knowledge and experience of so many aspects of the industry. As a publisher, bookseller, author and speaker (not necessarily in that order), Scott not only has the breadth and depth of experience to impart but he does so forthrightly and with great humour. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to give me advice, he really knows his stuff!’

Valerie Brandes, founder, Jacaranda Books




Scott Pack

Scott Pack is editor-at-large at Eye and Lightning Books. He was formerly head buyer at Waterstones and a senior editor at Harper Collins. He also has an editorial role at Unbound and runs successful Guardian masterclasses for writers.

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