Published: Lightning Books (November 2018)

ISBN: 9781785630972

A Summerstoke Affair

Caroline Kington


A tale of passion, power and dirty parsnips

‘A light and humorous look at village life’ – The Herald

In the village of Summerstoke, as autumn beckons, it seems the fireworks party is not the only thing set to go with a bang.

Juliet Peters, soap star, publicity junkie and all-round flirt, and Isabelle Garnett, ex-artist, neglected housewife and mother of two, seem to have nothing in common. But when both women end up trying to build a new life in the country, they soon discover there are no such things as secrets in village life.

Their husbands seem to be on a collision course too. One, the new MP returned to the rural vale he grew up; the other the local newspaper editor ever on the lookout for scandal, and the story that could help him make it big. Add to the mix a wild-child teenager, a reformed rogue, a social-climbing couple who'll stop at nothing and four old ladies with a manor house and an ear for gossip, and you've got a recipe for trouble.

As the days grow colder, passions only grow warmer. Before the year is out Juliet, Isabelle and their new neighbours must discover if their heart really is in the country, and in the right hands. Packed with intrigue, humour and spirit, Caroline Kington's delightful novel serves up an affair to remember.






‘I have read the Summerstoke books with great pleasure. They are fascinating, funny and moving tales of a village. Having grown up in a village, and now living again in one, I can vouch for it being a glorious trilogy based firmly in reality. I recommend them heartily – they have given me hours of hugely enjoyable reading’

Stephanie Cole


‘Caroline Kington has a rare ability to create a multiplicity of story lines that somehow mesh together into a fabulously satisfying finale’

Bath Chronicle

‘An MP and a muck-raking local paper editor are on a collision course in this light and humorous look at village life’

The Herald

‘Warmth and passion, a wild teenager and a rogue, plus a bunch of social climbers make it a‘just right’ recipe for winter saga readers’

Warwickshire Telegraph

‘A tale of passion, power and intrigue’

Somerset Life



Caroline Kington

Caroline Kington spent most of her working life in theatre and television, as a director, producer and founder of the fringe theatre company Antidote Theatre. She was the first, and perhaps still the only, woman to play Othello in a production in the US Midwest.

Since the death of her husband Miles Kington, the columnist and broadcaster, she has posthumously published three of his books: a humorous memoir of his illness, called How Shall I Tell the Dog?; a collection of his columns and other writings, The Best By Miles; and a collection of his celebrated ‘Franglais’ columns that had not appeared in book form before, Le Bumper Book of Franglais.

In her own right, she is the author of the Summerstoke trilogy of rural comedies. She insists that no character in the series is based on anybody from the small village near Bath where she has lived for many years. Nobody believes her.

Her forthcoming novel A Long Shadow had its origins in a feature she made for Channel 4 News at the turn of this century about the pressures on farmers as a result of BSE and foot-and-mouth disease. It will be published by Lightning Books in 2019.

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