We have a gift for every taste here at Eye and Lightning Books. Whether you’re buying for mums and dads, sisters and brothers, nieces and nephews, grandparents, your own kids or for friends, we have something for everyone. So take the stress out of shopping and buy them books, all of which are just a couple of clicks away!

On our fiction list, hot off the press will be Antony Johnston’s cyber-crime page-turner The Exphoria Code, described as “very possibly the definitive espionage thriller of the early 21st century” by the comic books colossus Alan Moore. Equally hi-tech is Abi Silver’s enthralling The Pinocchio Brief, in which artificial intelligence meets courtroom drama.

If apocalyptic political satire is more their thing, why not buy them Time of Lies, Douglas Board’s “milestone of dystopian fiction”? In gentler mode, Simon Edge’s The Hopkins Conundrum is a literary comedy based on the life of the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins, mixing fiction, biography and satire with remarkable dexterity, while Zoë Duncan’s The Shifting Pools is an intensely moving, lyrical fantasy about loss and healing.

For those who prefer non-fiction, we can offer two equally remarkable memoirs by adventurers from very different generations: Michael Dobbs-Higginson’s A Raindrop in the Ocean, a tale of Buddhism, bed-hopping and buccaneering business deals; and Mission: Possible, the account of two world-first trips, to Mongolia and Madagascar, by the young Welsh explorer Ash Dykes. Meanwhile, for mountaineers, either of the real or the armchair variety, Jules Mountain’s Aftershock, an eye-witness account of the deadliest day in Everest’s history, is a must-read.

For those who dream of distant places, the late Simon Fenton’s Squirting Milk at Chameleons and Chasing Hornbills offer a delightful account of his life in Senegal, while Diane Eguerra’s uplifting Junkie Buddha takes us on a journey to Peru as a way of processing the tragic loss of her son.

Micro-adventurer Alastair Humphreys recounts his epic cycling journeys in Moods of Future Joys and and in his best-selling children’s trilogy The Boy Who Biked the World. Children will also like Tess Burrows’ delightful true-life fable Soft Courage, told through the eyes of a soft toy called Yannick.

We have a host of other books available to order here, so explore our website at your leisure. And, just because it’s Christmas, we’re offering a 12 Days of Xmas treat: for each book you buy, you’ll get a free mystery one thrown in for orders received by 12 December – and don’t worry, they will be delivered before the big day.
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