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soft courage

tess burrows

“Giving joy is more important than any
superhero task could ever be.”
Yannick the Penguin

Soft Courage is the story, told through the eyes of a soft toy penguin called Yannick, of the adventures of peace activist and mountaineer Tess Burrows.

It should not be mistaken for a children’s book – although many adventurous, outdoorsy and sensitive children will love it for its blend of exciting, high altitude adventure and nuggets of spiritual wisdom, based around the central tenets of Buddhism.

By the end, we are given an insight into how the character of Yannick has developed, and how these tenets might be used to inform and enhance our everyday lives.

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“In the space of five years, I went from graduating at Harvard
to becoming a psychiatric patient.”

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10 ways to be happy
Emily Joy: the case for nominative determinism! When reading her Green Oranges on Lion Mountain, I was reminded of various articles on How To Be Happy
The essence of hope and the joy of taxes
A road trip around the UK will give plenty of proof of the ways in which your two pounds here and there have helped to give young actors and athletes a better chance of success. At least this “tax” is paid willingly.
Where am I on the Mental health spectrum?
We are all on the spectrum. We are all walking along a cliff top; most of us most of the time keep at a safe distance, but it is possible, at any given time, that we might stray too close to the edge or even be swept off, depending on the prevailing wind and other conditions outside our control.
Mental Health / Getting on with people
Jean-Paul Sartre, gloommonger extraordinaire, said that “Hell is other people”. But if you think back to the best times in your life, for how many of them were you on your own? We are not designed to be alone. It’s great if we can be content in our own company for a while, but surely as a way of preparing ourselves for the minefield that is the real world of other people.
The Simple Things in Life by Maria Katsonis
I never thought twice about my mental health until depression entered my life like a thief and stole my mind. The episode plunged me into darkness, robbing me of the ability to perform the most basic of tasks. I sank deeper and deeper into the abyss until I could no longer manage and had to be hospitalised for five weeks.
Mental agility test
Our books seek to educate, motivate, inspire and inform. We like to think that our readers would score pretty highly on our test!