Although many publishers halted their schedules during lockdown, we pressed on with ours and have brought out new books throughout the spring and summer. Some of our newest or forthcoming titles are pictured here.

We’ve also created a range of brilliant offers, from free ebooks of The Hopkins Conundrum and A Tangled Summer, to complete collections at big discounts: Eye Classics, Lightning Comic Fiction, the Lightning Antipodean Bundle,  Six of the Best: Lightning Fiction Debuts, the Bad Mother series, the Burton & Lamb series, the Boy Who Biked the World trilogy and the Cockleberry Bay trilogy.

Don’t forget: any book you buy from this site comes with free UK p&p. We’re proud of the fact that we were able to bring you books all through this difficult time. In return, your custom is keeping us going.

Book(s) of the Month

Green Oranges on Lion Mountain

Discovery Road

only £7.99 each

“In the space of five years, I went from graduating at Harvard
to becoming a psychiatric patient.”

coming soon...
the complete guide
to all things running

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