This month we are excited to publish the long-awaited fifth novel from the prize-winning author Ray Robinson, best known previously for his acclaimed novels Electricity and Forgetting Zoë.

As former farmhand Jake, a widower in his seventies, wanders the beautiful, austere moors of North Yorkshire in the middle of winter trying to evade capture, we learn of the events of his past: the wife he loved and lost, their child he knows cannot be his, and the deep-seated need for revenge that shows itself in a moment of violence.

The Mating Habits of Stags is a journey through a life of guilt and things unsaid. As beauty and tenderness blend with violence, Robinson transports us to a different world, subtly exploring love and loss in a language that both bruises and heals.

An early version of the story was released in 2016 as the short film Edith, starring Peter Mullan and Michelle Fairley, which was Bafta-longlisted for Best British Short Film.

LIMITED EDITION OFFER: order now for a signed hardback – there are just 200 numbered copies available. Also receive a free EP of Te Anau, the new ambient album by Wodwo (aka Ray Robinson). Just enter code STAGS200 at the checkout.

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