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october 2016

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“An excellent read. Had tears in my eyes.”

What do these five books have in common?

They appear to be unrelated to each other: a tongue-in-cheek mickey-take of the most laughable cycle lanes in Britain; an exposé of the UK’s most recent pantomime villain – the “Fake Sheikh”; a serious and informative history of modern Afghanistan and two very different true-adventure books featuring a penguin and an African hornbill respectively…

The answer: they all illustrate why Eye Books exists at all.

We publish books that we hope will make a positive difference to the world. We publish inspirational stories about people who have done extraordinary things, and books that, for example, play a part in pushing through the “20’s plenty” road safety campaign.

Please take a moment to take a closer look, and while you’re there, why not delve a bit deeper? Lightning/Eye Books is steadily expanding our range of titles…

Book(s) of the Month

Green Oranges on Lion Mountain

Discovery Road

only £7.99 each

“In the space of five years, I went from graduating at Harvard
to becoming a psychiatric patient.”

coming soon...
the complete guide
to all things running

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