This month we release two very different titles: a journey of spiritual and geographical discovery from Eye Books, and a hilarious experimental novel from Lightning Books.

The Oshun Diaries is Diane Esguerra’s account of her improbable friendship as a young adult with an elderly Austrian woman in Nigeria who is a high-priestess of Oshun, a goddess of the ancient Ifa religion.

In later life, Diane vows to return to Nigeria to take part in ritual worship of Oshun. Twenty-first-century realities intrude, in the shape of Boko Haram, and she has to drop her plans. Instead she changes course and heads for the United States, where she discovers that the Ifa religion crossed the Atlantic with the slave trade and is  alive and well in Florida.

Written with humour and self-deprecation by the author of the acclaimed Junkie Buddha, this is an engaging mix of travel-writing, biographical memoir and spiritual exploration – with the timeless appeal of female-centred worship at the heart of its quest.

You can order The Oshun Diaries at 25% off using the discount code BOTM, with free UK p&p.

The Drover’s Wives is the second novel from Ryan O’Neill, the expat Scottish author who is now one of Australia’s leading literary novelists.

Like his prize-winning Their Brilliant Careers, which we published last year, this is a dazzlingly original experimental novel which is also hilariously funny.

It takes a classic Australian short story – The Drover’s Wife by Henry Lawson – and then retells it 101 different ways. The variations include a pop song, a sporting commentary, a 1980s computer game, an insurance claim, a Hollywood movie adaptation, a cryptic crossword and even a selection of paint swatches printed on the back cover.

Inventive and endlessly unexpected, it was shortlisted for the Russell Prize, Australia's main award for comic writing. This is laugh-out-loud literature to be read in one go or savoured in small doses.

Order The Drover’s Wives at 30% off using the discount code DROVING, with free UK p&p.

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