“An excellent read. Had tears in my eyes.”


This month Eye Books publishes A Raindrop In The Ocean, a remarkable memoir of a life well lived.

Born in colonial Africa, Michael Dobbs-Higginson roamed the world as a teenager, working variously as a logger, a docker and an encyclopaedia salesman. He was ordained as a Buddhist monk in Japan and then rose to become an eccentric, kimono-wearing investment banker. 

His tales of drug-smuggling, bed-hopping and buccaneering business deals are seen through the prism of an Eastern religious wisdom honed over thousands of years.

Watch a short trailer for A Raindrop In The Ocean here.

And from Lightning Books comes Time of Lies, the second novel from Douglas Board. His previous novel MBA (2015) was a campus comedy. His new book – described by the Guardian as being in “the vanguard of Brexit fiction” – is set in 2020, when Britain has elected its own Donald Trump as prime minister.

Chris Mullin, author of the iconic political thriller A Very British Coup, hails it as “a milestone in dystopian fiction” and “the first post-truth, post-Brexit novel”.

Watch a short trailer for Time Of Lies here.
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