Every day for a year, the best-selling New Zealand novelist Catherine Chidgey recorded the words and language she came across – phone calls, television commercials, emails, radio shows, conversations with her family, street signs and satnav instructions. From these  random snippets, she has created a fascinating portrait of modern life, focusing on the things that most people filter out.

She listens in as her daughter, born through surrogacy, begins to speak and develop a personality, and as her mother slips into dementia. With her husband, she debates the pros and cons of moving to a new town. With her publisher, she discusses the new novel she is writing. Meanwhile, all around, the world bombards her with information.

Beginning on 1 January, The Beat of the Pendulum takes the idea of the novel in an experimental new direction. It is bold, exciting, funny, moving and utterly compelling.

This remarkable ‘found novel' was longlisted for New Zealand's premier fiction award and hailed as ‘important and deeply imaginative' by the New Zealand Herald. We are confident that UK readers will be every bit as impressed. Order it at 25% off (with free P&P in the UK) using the discount code BOTM at the checkout.

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