“An excellent read. Had tears in my eyes.”


‘A masterful mash-up of contemporary literary satire and poetic erudition’
New York Times bestselling novelist Liz Trenow

Tim Cleverley inherits a failing pub in Wales, which he plans to rescue by enlisting an American pulp novelist to concoct an entirely fabricated ‘mystery’ about the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins, who wrote his masterpiece The Wreck of the Deutschland nearby.

Blending the real stories of Hopkins and the shipwrecked nuns of his poem with a contemporary love story, while casting a wry eye on the Da Vinci Code industry,
The Hopkins Conundrum is described by the award-winning novelist Michael Arditti as “a splendid mix of literary detection, historical description and contemporary romance”. He adds: “Simon Edge’s witty debunking of the Vatican conspiracy genre will appeal equally to fans and detractors of Dan Brown.”

And Harriett Gilbert, presenter of BBC Radio 4’s A Good Read, says: “I love this novel. It pulls off the three-card trick of being entertaining, genuinely touching, and a fascinating insight into Hopkins’ poetry.”

If that doesn’t whet your appetite sufficiently for this dazzlingly original debut novel, you can enjoy a 60-second video trailer here.

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