The January ebooks sale at Eye Books

It's sales time, and there are e-bargains galore here at Eye Books. All the fantastic titles below are available as ebooks for £1 or less until 31 January 2018. Click on the link to go straight to the Kindle store – as well as to get a full description of the book. The normal list price is in brackets. Happy shopping!

The Boy Who Biked the World: Part 1 Alastair Humphreys (£3.99)

The Boy Who Biked the World: Part 2 Alastair Humphreys (£3.99)

The Boy Who Biked the World: Part 3 Alastair Humphreys (£3.99)

Moods of Future Joys Alastair Humphreys (£4.99)

Ten Lessons from the Road Alastair Humphreys (£4.99)

Thunder and Sunshine Alastair Humphreys (£4.99)

Siberian Dreams Andy Home (£4.99)

News of the World Peter Burden (£4.99)

Walking Away Charlotte Metcalf (£4.99)

Walking Back to Happiness Christine Palmer (£4.99)

Junkie Buddha Diane Esguerra (£4.99)

The Good Life Dorian Amos (£4.99)

The Good Life Gets Better Dorian Amos (£4.99)

MBA Douglas Board (£4.99)*

The Accidental Optimist Emily Joy (£4.99)

Green Oranges on Lion Mountain Emily Joy (£4.99)

Riding with Ghosts Gwen Maka (£4.99)

Baghdad Business School Heyrick Bond Gunning (£4.99)

Prickly Pears of Palestine Hilda Reilly (£4.99)

The Ambassador's Wife's Tale Julia Miles (£4.99)

My Journey with a Remarkable Tree Kenn Finn (£4.99)

The Emperor's River Liam James D'Arcy-Brown (£4.99)

All Will Be Well Michael Meegan (£4.99)

At the Deep End Morgan Tsvangirai (£7.99)

Jasmine and Arnica Nicola Taylor (£4.99)

Touching Tibet Niema Ash (£4.99)

Zohra's Ladder Pamela Windo (£4.99)

Tea for Two (with No Cups) Polly Benge (£4.99)

Triumph Around the World Robbie Marshall (£4.99)

Riding the Outlaw Trail Simon Casson (£4.99)

Chasing Hornbills Simon Fenton (£4.99)

Squirting Milk at Chameleons Simon Fenton (£4.99)

Frigid Women Sue & Victoria Riches (£4.99)

Cold Hands Warm Heart Tess Burrows (£4.99)

Discovery Road Tim Garratt & Andy Brown (£4.99)

Good Morning Afghanistan Waseem Mahmood (£4.99)

*A Lightning Books title

Published on
December 27, 2017