Submissions Overview

Excited about the possibility of getting published but not sure where to start? We hope you’ve already looked at the rest of this website and that has helped you decide whether your story is the type of thing we publish. Having ticked that box, you’ve moved onto our submissions area. The submissions procedure can seem long, complicated and even arbitrary without some background information to hand, so we’ve broken the submissions process down into these simple steps:

Read the Submission Guidelines, followed by our ‘Why Do We Ask So Many Questions?' page. Finally, complete the Submissions Form.

Along the way, we also recommend that you take a look at our Publishing Process page. This expands on what you’ve read in ‘Why Do We Ask So Many Questions?'.

It may seem odd to be suggesting to potential writers that they read about the publishing process before they even submit a manuscript, but understanding how Eye Books/ Lightning Books works will, we hope, make the ‘randomness’ of the questions and the requests we make on the Submissions Form easier to understand, and therefore worthwhile to follow.

Publishing with us

We work in close collaboration with our writers, and all our stakeholders are involved in the process. To achieve the best results we take the publishing journey with one another, sharing information and ideas that span the three areas of this journey:

  • Editorial – shaping, refining and finalising the story.
  • Production – organising the look, feel and content of the story.
  • Sales & Marketing – spreading the news of the writer/story and ultimately selling the book.

The process we follow – from agreeing to accept a manuscript through to publication itself – is detailed and exact. The writer’s involvement, passion, patience and commitment is key. To gain a better overview, please read the Publishing Process.

If you feel you have the sort of story that challenges convention and conveys thought-provoking experiences AND if you can tell a tale with colour, verve, nerve and wit, then we might be in business together.

Have a look at our Brief for Writers and the House Style Sheet to determine whether you and Eye/Lightning Books share a similar outlook. If this seems like a possibility, go to Submissions. This in turn will take you to our Submission Guidelines. These guidelines will make things clearer and hold your hand as you travel through the submissions process.

Why do we ask so many questions?

We believe that publishing is a collaborative effort between writer and publisher, and now more so than ever. If we accept your manuscript, our small team at Eye/Lightning Books will work very hard on your behalf. So we need not only talented writers, but committed ones – people who will work as hard as we do to make your book a success

The list of questions on the Submissions Form may seem daunting, especially if you’ve spent the last year holed up in an airless room getting RSI from typing your manuscript, and you thought you were done. In a way, you are. You’ve done the hard part – getting your thoughts and travels into the shape of a manuscript. But modern publishing is much more than just words on a page. With this list of submission questions, we’re trying to start you thinking about the wider aspects of publishing, separate from the physical book itself. You as a writer will have huge amounts to give and this, combined with our own experience, can really make the difference between the book maximising its potential or not. We need to get the editorial and the production right in order to have a chance of success, but if we do not get the marketing part right, we will reduce the chances of the book getting out – and selling – to as many people as possible.

Your answers are not etched in stone. Throughout the publishing process we will be revisiting this process ourselves and collectively any number of times to refine, expand and capitalise on it. So please bear with us and make a splash with the answers to the questions.

Submissions Form

To send us your submission please complete the form below. Our Submissions Guidelines give detailed information on how to complete each field. We aim to respond to your submission within six weeks.

Section 1 - Editorial

Section 2 - Production

Section 3 - Sales & Marketing

Section 4 - Contact Details

Thank you! Your submission has been received!

We have a monthly meeting and depending on when in the month we receive it, will depend on whether it is discussed at the forthcoming or subsequent meeting. As a result, we will aim to come back to you within 6 weeks to let you know our thoughts.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us. Similarly, if anything should change at your end regarding your submission please let us know.

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