Paperback: 224pp

Published: Eye Books (February 2018)

ISBN: 9781785630552

The Participation Revolution

Neil Gibb


How to ride the waves of change in a terrifyingly turbulent world

It can at times feel like everything is falling apart. And there is a reason for this. It really is.

In the next ten or twenty years, as many as seven in ten current jobs will disappear. Half of today’s corporations will no longer exist.

We can either see this as an end or a beginning. In this uplifting and essential guide to a bewildering future, Neil Gibb shows how we are witnessing the birth of a new world order, in which passive consumers are being replaced by active participants. We are at one of those rare points in human history, he argues, when a whole way of thinking is on the turn, just as it was in the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution.

Those who catch the swell early are the ones who prosper. Those who don’t get it will be left behind.





“So brilliant we started work on thinking about its impact on our company before I even finished it”

Lee Woodard, CXO, Crabtree & Evelyn

The Participation Revolution provides a rich and topical narrative for the changes that we sense in the world around us but may not yet have been able to verbalise. Neil Gibb’s insights offer a useful framework for anyone – individual or organisation – seeking to adapt to a fast-changing landscape.”

Neil Stott, Cambridge Judge Business School



The Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution saw great change but also massive disruption, says Neil Gibb, talking to the Colchester Gazette. "This is what's happening now, all driven by the new advances in technology, so people shouldn't really panic.” 


Neil Gibb

Neil Gibb is a consultant, writer, speaker and social advocate who has worked for over 20 years with companies large and small, helping them apply new thinking and technology to improve their businesses. His clients have ranged from Shell, Barclays, the European Space Agency and the Nationwide Building Society to dozens of small tech firms, including currently a cryptocurrency and AI start-up and a data analytics company.

Along the way he has published two crime novels, trained as a Jungian therapist and played a small but crucial role in the development of Viagra.

A decade in the writing, and based on research and experience across five continents, The Participation Revolution is his first non-fiction book and is being used to develop a module on digital innovation at Cambridge Business School.

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