Niema Ash

Niema was born and brought up in Montreal. At the age of 14 Niema embarked on a trip to New York; from then on she knew that travel was a driving passion fundamental to her existence. Leaving home an adolescent, she returned an adult, with a husband, baby and a career.

She has travelled extensively throughout the world punctuated by periods spent in her native Canada. In the early sixties she had a daughter, Ronit, whom she raised while living and working with some of the most influential musicians and poets of our time.

In her first book ‘Touching Tibet’ Niema Ash was described as ‘the ideal author of a travel book: passionate, curious, self-critical, and with a rare ability to describe not just the outward appearances of a foreign land but to penetrate and evoke in splendidly vivid prose, its very essence’.