Peter Burden

Before Peter Burden became a full time author, he was many things. After a spell as a restaurant troubadour, he travelled to Morocco in the early 70’s to buy ethnic garments and gather a great deal of life experience. He became a fashion king and in 1975 launched the cult jeans brand, Midnight Blue. He was also the owner of a non-winning race horse in the 80’s and a writer of radio jingles. His first novel Rags, published in 1987 and based on his experiences in the fashion trade, was described by the Mail on Sunday as “a splendidly lively whiz through the fashion fringes of the Swinging Sixties.” It quickly appeared in the bestseller lists and was followed by several more novels, including collaborations in turf fiction with John Francome. Peter was later responsible for transforming Jenny Pitman into a best-selling novelist, having introduced her to the idea and ghosting three best sellers for her. More recently, he ghosted the posthumous autobiography of 60's heartthrob, David Hemmings. He followed this by helping Leslie Phillips with his autobiography, Hello and, most recently, by producing the well-received, incisive and forensic examination of the activities of Britain’s most controversial tabloid, in News of the world? Fake Sheikhs & Royal Trappings, described by former NotW editor, Derek Jameson as “a well-documented exposure of underhand tactics, gross intrusion and embarrassing cock-ups.”